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We are offering tutorials via FaceTime or Skype

Due to the Coronavirus, we can now offer tutorials via FaceTime or Skype. Tutorials are an excellent way for those who would like to keep their training going, to prepare for auditions & LAMDA exams, or to help build-up confidence. All tutorials are tailored to suit your particular needs.

Tutorials are taught by Neale Birch, a trained professional actor, director & producer.


Auditions are postponed due to Coronavirus

Enrolling students for those wishing to join the regular weekly classes at the Academy. We will be taking on new students from September.

Limited availablity. Book & secure your place now. Applications will close once we've reached the required numbers.

There will be 14 weeks of classes, the first 7 weeks, will introduce you to the fundamental skills and disciplines required in actors. The classes will teach you the importance of relaxation, the basics of healthy voice use and the core skills needed in bringing text to life in a truthful way. They will also enable you to see if the classes are what you are looking for. The classes are each Tuesday evening from 7pm until 9pm and will be followed by a second half term to complete the Freshers course. They will be held at Charnwood Street, Derby DE1 2GU.

If you would like to join, please put your name down on our classes list, follow the Link and fill out the form.

Students' Work


Congratulations to Mykola Allen for doing Wrigley's Extra commercial in London. It will be aired from February 2018.

Congratulations to Georgie Daunt for doing the voice-over for Young Jill in the BBC1 TV series, 'Silent Witness'.

Land Girls

One of our students on a set in the BBC1 TV series Land Girls

Children of the Titanic

Congratulations to 11 of our students who all had speaking roles in the Docu-Drama, 'The Children of the Titanic'. This will be aired in America and Canada.

Actors: Aime, Alfie, Chantelle, Elliott, Emma, Eve, Frank, Georgia-Mae, Lucy, Luis and Nikita.

Other Film, TV and Theatre

Feature Films:

Films & Short Films:





Student Feedback

My time with Neale can only be described as follows: I have met many tutors And acting coaches over the last 7 years and thought pretty generic opinions. I have learnt the same thing over and over, only varied. When I met Neale I thought it would be the same, that I would sharpen my skills and meet new people, but I was wrong! I have never met a teacher, tutor or practitioner that believes so strongly in what they do. I have had complete trust in everything he taught and have never seen such passion and belief in tutoring. Neale brought out what I thought was a new side to me but in actual fact was my elementary level experience in the acting industry. I wondered and sometimes questioned the text chosen for lessons because I didn't like them or because they were outside my comfort zone, but it soon became apparent why! Neale is an excellent tutor who understand the art perfectly and knows every aspect of its teaching and practice. If I needed advice I would never go anywhere else. John

I just wanted to thank you all for how much hard work, commitment and professionalism which the classes offer. I have been with you for a number of years now and feel my technique and skills have developed greatly thanks to the success of my training at the academy. I thoroughly enjoy every week and use numerous exercises, vocal and rehearsal techniques in the theatre/film I do outside of the academy. I am ever so grateful with how much professionalism I am treated with and it's an honour to work with people with such talent and skill. I feel it is rare to find an academy purely devoted to actor training and it has inspired me to pursue my own career in the arts further with the support and guidance of such a wonderful teacher. Thank you, Hope

I want to tell you just how much I enjoy your classes and just how glad I am to have found someone of your professionalism, experience and commitment. Your Sunday sessions have enabled me to grow back some of the confidence and 'centeredness' which had gone out of the window (I would have never got my last job if I had taken the audition months ago) and of course to keep growing as an actor (and have fun too!) and now I am HUNGRY for more! Geraldine

Really, I want to just thank you for the opportunity with the 'acting for the camera' workshops. I can safely say, on behalf of everyone, that it was a fantastic experience :)
It was so fascinating and helpful to get even a basic insight into the world of camera, filmand television- and most certainly opened our eyes as to the type of thing to be expected if we were to follow and succeed in our dreams of becoming film/movie stars! So yes, thank you again for the opportunity- sacrificing your holiday hours was a great gesture :P Lauren-Rose

Would you please pass on my thanks to Neale for the Sunday classes that my son Stephen has been attending. It is amazing to see how much his confidence has grown since he has been coming to the classes. he really enjoys them and each week comes home full of what he's been doing. he has also started reading much more, which we know is going to help with his school work.
We are looking forward to the next term almost as much as Stephen is! Best Andy

As as said I really enjoyed the 2 workshops I attended. I wish could have found the time to do "Auditions"
I thought the subjects, content and lengh of the sessions was spot on. Also the numbers attending was about right, whether planned or circumstance, as everyone was equally involved in the practical sessions.
I am always astonished that attendees don't make copious notes, like I do, because Neale gives out so much relevant information and he is such a joy to work with.
Thanks for all the hard work you both put in, in making it happen and I look forward to seeing you both again next term. Best wishes, Ron.

I can't tell you how disappointed I was to have missed my last course with Neale. But, having said that, I CAN tell you how much I gained from and enjoyed immensely the Shakespeare and Dialect course I was able to attend.
Students cannot fail to engage fully with their chosen subject at DAA. On the one day courses I attended, Neale's friendly but wholly professional approach combined with his consumate knowledge, expertise and passion for all aspects of acting make for both an unforgettable and informative experience.
Personally, quite apart from the experience and information gained, the courses have given me a firm foundation on which to base further study.
I am looking forward to continuing my studies with Neale next term. Kind regards, Pip.

I have only positive feedback for you. Neale as ever was very professional in style and approach to delivering what for me is new territory. The wealth of knowledge, history and practical advice he has to hand demonstrates his training and experience. I felt the pace was well considered and I never felt left behind or held back.
I enjoyed the camaraderie of my fellow attendees who were also very freindly and supportive.
I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the workshops. My only regret is missing the Shakespeare workshop.
It just makes me wish that I had found this in my youth, instead of spending the last 32 years trying to fit into an unsuitable job. If I had put the same effort into training for a career in acting ... well, who knows? Regards, Phil.

I enjoyed the Shakespeare workshop very much. It helped to build my knowledge and Neale's enthusiasm is inspirational. There was a good balance of practical application and historical and technical information. Wish I could have come to all the workshops. Thank you, Sheila.

Both myself and James really enjoyed the Stage Combat workshop. It was very interesting and we learned a lot in such a short space of time - all credit to Neale.
It was great fun too ... not too heavy and really light hearted, considering it was an intense course. Best wishes, Elaine.

I really enjoyed the accents workshop that I attended and found it really helpful, not only for the accents that we worked on but also for understanding how lo learn other accents. - Georgie.

I really enjoyed the Stanislavski, Shakespeare and Audition Technique workshops. I particularly enjoyed the Shakespeare workshop, though I learned most from the Auditions one. I learnt loads and enjoyed every day I was there. It was great working with people of a wide age range. Everyone there was very supportive and friendly. I had a lovely week and can't wait to start back at the weekly classes in September. - Lucy

Joe really enjoyed the workshops. He's away at Uni and he liked that it was as if he was attending a workshop at Uni because it was so professional and he enjoyed it more than the workshops he has done in the past.

Thank you for having me in the Stanislavski workshop. The teaching and organisation was the highest standard as usual. I learned new exercises that I have taken away with me to practise and which will certainly help me in the future. Many thanks, Richard.

Thanks for a wonderful set of workshops I had a fab week and learned so much! They were all thorough and very, very worhtwhile ... I took so much away from each day ... my only feedback is: let's have more, more, more of them! Amar.

I loved the workshop last week, I learnt an awful lot, and it made me realise how I've missed Neale's classes. The more teachers you have, the more you can compare, and Neale's constant professionalism was very much appreciated and needed. The class was just big enough to learn from one another, but small enough to get detailed feedback for yourself. I'd be very interested in further workshops you put on. Thank you, Aneesa.

First of all, thank you for a brilliant time at the Stanislavski workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I have felt that I gained a valuable experience from it. I would be interested in doing more workshops in the holidays. Regards, Amy.

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